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WEM 1906 Action Group Registry Entries Problems

Patrick Barth



We have a strange behavior with WEM 1906 and the Action Groups. If I configure some Registry Entries and group them in an Action Group, assign the Action Group to an AD-Group, some of the Keys are not applying. 
If I assign the same Registry Entries direct to the same AD-Group, everything was fine (Keys are applied). 
A look in the WEN Agent Log Parser show that the Keys are not processed (over the Action Group) with an Exception. But without any reason. 


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Here are two special Reg-Settings to check if they are processd. 




And here is the Assignment of the Action Group "Reg-Test-Key". 



The Calculator was created on the Desktop, and the WEM Log Parser was also there.

So far so good. But now comes the really stragne thing. The reg-Key under Software\Adobe\... was created, but the Key unter Software\Policies\Google\Chrome not! And the Log Parser told me the same Result


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The i throw the "_Reg-Key-Test" out of the Action Group, and assign it directly.



Logon to the Test-Desktop, and the key is there



And the Log told me also the same



Perhaps some other Informations. The WEM Infrastruktur is in a different location and different Domain as my User. The CTX Worker is in the same Domain as the WEM Inf. Of course we have a full Trust between the two Domains. We have also CTX Worker in the User-Domain, but with the same Problem (other WEM Config Set on the same WEM Infrastruture). 

I don't relly check witch Settings can be applyed over Action Groups, but it seems that Apps always work, but some Reg-Keys wor and some not. 


I send the WEM Logfile directly to Citrix, because there to many private Information Inside.


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So to summarise - what you are seeing is that when reg keys with \policies\ in the path are applied via action groups, it fails, but the same key applies via a direct assignment (not action groups) it appears ok?


To my point above - are all the failing keys falling under the \policies\ node??

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The Same Reg-Key was applied if i assign it directly to an AD Group. Over an Action Group this Key was not applied.


And no, the \policies\ node was not the only one with the problem. Other Kesy in different paths where also not applied,  but i don't check every Key. 

I deside to configure alle Reg-Settings not over an Action Group (until this Problem was sloved). I configure App over the Actions Groups, and the rest like we did bevore  the Update to 1906 (assignet directly to an AD Group). 

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FYI, I'm getting the same issue with reg keys with \Policies\ in the path even in a regular Action (not Action Groups - I'm testing 1906 now...and 1907 is out I know EDIT: No it's not...that's App Layering I'm thinking about...another thing to upgrade :/ ). Weirdly the issue seems intermittent.


Specifically, I'm setting this value:





Clean users (deleted profiles, rebooted servers), 1 user it applies, the next it doesn't. No details in the user's WEM agent log other than the not very useful "it failed" message :)

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