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Hello guy:

I have  defaul timing. But indont understand >> TIMER  monitoring formula citrix

Interval: 5 second >>>>>>>>> WHAT MEAN

Response Timeout: 2 ms    >>>> WHAT MEAN

Retries: 3   >>>>>>>> WHAT MEAN

> How long waiting citrix the service to be marked down  ?.


Thanks all

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- Interval defines how often the appliance will probe (check) the back end service, under normal operations.

- Response Timeout defines how long to wait before marking a probe as failed.

- Retries define how many times the appliance will retry connecting to the back end service which had a probe fail, before marking it as down.


By default a service which goes down will be marked as down after ~6-11 seconds, keeping in mind the default Response Timeout is 2 seconds, not 2 ms.


Minimum: 3x2 seconds (3 probes x Response Timeout)

Maximum: 5 + (3x2) seconds (Interval + (3 probes x Response Timeout))

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That won't work because Response can't be longer than Interval (Response < Interval). The following would mark a service as failed between 30-41 seconds.


Interval: 11

Response: 10

Retries: 3


Or this for 30-36 seconds.


Interval: 6

Response: 5

Retries: 6


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