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XenServer Guest Tools Show Version && Why Version Older

Jan Rasche


Hi Community,


When mounting the XenServer guest tools iso where can I see the version of the tools on the CLI?

Is there no versioning information in the package?


And why is the version of the tootls showed in GUI often older as the installed server version?

For example under XenServer 7.6 installed on Debian VM is shoing Optimized 7.4 installed.


Thanks, Jan

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Yea, it really irritates me when developers don't put the installer version in the installer ! 

You just have to know that the installer iso is the base version that was shipped with the

XenServer (or possibly updated such as the CU releases). The XenTools is actually quite

detached from the XenServer version. You can go to https://pvupdates.vmd.citrix.com/updates.latest.tsv

and download the text file that has the URL's and version numbers for the latest 

XenTools version. As long as the XenTools version is newer than the host all is well.


As far as the Linux clients, they are updated less frequently. Its not uncommon for 

those to trail in versioning numbers. Something like 7.6 as long as its on the latest

hotfix you know you have the latest version. Only Windows MSI's are a part of the

link above. The Linux tools are probably more stable and less frequent to change

where Windows is under constant revision.








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Hi Tobias, hi Alan,

Thanks for the explanations!

(Sorry for the late answer, was sick.)


As for the XenServer Tools. The issue for us with the older version numbers is, that we give XenServer Hosts to customers out and tell customers to have always the latest XenServer Tools in there VMs to avoid issues. So it is confusing them, if the VM shows older XenServer Tools versions as the host altready is. ;-)


Best, Jan



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