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PVS 7.15.9 (CU3 Update Process)

Ross Faverty1709158252


Currently we are running PVS 7.15.3 (CU2). 


Can I upgrade the target device software on the vDisks in advance of updating the PVS servers or do the servers need to be updated first? If the servers need to be updated first I presume that they will work with the 7.15.3 target device installed on the current production vDisks? I searched through the documentation and google but was unable to find anything specific on the update process....probably wasn't looking hard enough.

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I test this out this morning and i was able to successfully publish an image with the updated 7.15.9 PVS Target Device Software (from 7.15.3) without updating our PVS servers. I also updated the VDA from 7.15.2 to 7.15.3. Everything works just fine....so far. I plan updating our servers this weekend.


The vDisk was created via App Layering and all I did was create a new version for the specific platform layer, update the template and publish. 



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I am having a similar issue as rfavert517.  We want to upgrade our PVS environment from 7.6 to 7.15.9, but we do not want to alter our target device software; we are building a new image that would have the new target device software for another application upgrade within the next 2 weeks and we do not want to take the time to update the current targets, but do want to upgrade the PVS servers themselves.  So, that being said, can we do an in place upgrade on PVS servers to 7.15.9 but leave the target device at 7.6?

I am not finding any information looking through google.

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6 hours ago, Daniel Weszligling said:

The other way updating target device driver first and let the PVS Server on an older Version would not work.


This is incorrect - As stated in my last post I was able to update all of my PVS vDisks with the 7.15.9 Target Device Software & 7.15.3 VDA without updating the servers (leaving them on 7.15.3 (still CU2 for PVS)). I was also able to do the same on our MCS images as well (leaving the servers on 7.15.2 but updating the VDA software to 7.15.3). 


None of our servers have been updated yet. So I can 100% confirm that IME this works. I cannot help or provide any insight with regards to the reverse scenario though of updating the servers first then the VDA's & Target Device software.

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thats new for me I had tried it a while back to let the PVS Server on an older 7.x Version and update only the PVS target device driver to the newest 7.x.

For me it Ends that my vDisk with the newer target device driver would not boot. After I update the PVS Server to the same Version it works.


The Supported way by Citrix is to update PVS Server first and then the target device driver, the VDA Version is irrelevant at this Point.


Here the text from a CTX articel with link to it:


PVS target and server version compatibility

Question and Answers

Q: Can a PVS environment be configured with PVS target version higher than the PVS server version?

A: No, The PVS target version should be the same as the PVS server version
Configuring PVS environment with PVS target version higher than the PVS server version may work however if there is an issue that need to be troubleshot by support then it will be considered unsupported configuration

It is recommend to upgrade the PVS server first and then upgrade the targets. This is the way engineering tests the product for upgrading, Engineering does not test newer targets with older PVS servers


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CTX states that the servers must be upgraded first, afther that the target device software. that is the only supported way, because it can be that versions are not compatible.

this however does NOT mean that it will not work, it simply depends on the changes in the version.

For example:

PVS server 7.15.1000 works with target devices 7.15.3000. (cu3 target)



PVS server 7.15.1000 does not work here with 7.15.4000 (cu4 target), after this upgrade the target device has AD account issues.


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the easiest way would be an inplace upgrade of the pvs Server.

1. update the pvs console on your Server.

2. update the first pvs Server

3. After update the first pvs Server, Launch the config wizard, generally you could click next. At the end of this you would asked to upgrade the pvs database. (The Account which Launch the wizard Need the permissions on the database)

4. update the remaining pvs Servers.


You could take a look at the blog of Carl Stalhood here: https://www.carlstalhood.com/provisioning-services-server-install/#upgrade

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