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Upgrade from SQL server version

Mikael Dyreborg Hansen1709159254


Hi all,


Is there any issues (or additional configurations) to be aware of, if I want to update the SQL server holding the Xenapp 6.5 database to a newer version?
I think it's currently an Express (I know it's SQL 2008) and want it update to atleast a SQL 2012.
The instance registers as SQL Server (CITRIX_METAFRAME) (as you've probably already deducted, I know close to nothing about SQL...)

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I just went ahead with it and there seemingly where nothing than just proceeding with the upgrade.
The present version was a SQL 2008 Express SP3 - an upgrade to to SP4 was required to be able to upgrade to never releases.
I then upgraded to SQL 2014 Express which basically was just a "next-next-next" just as the SP4 installation.
Tested logins afterwards and absolutely no issues.

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