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Netscaler AAA-TM issue with POST dropping form data in the body

Charlie Ting

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We have a vendor cloud application that leverages the ADFS SSO. I have NetScaler setup as ADFS proxy. Cloud app is Service Provider and ADFS is Identify Provider. I'm encountering an issue where NetScaler AAA-TM vserver doesn't carry the Saml Request in the body.



This URL seems to fit our scenario. Citrix support came back to me and said NetScaler 11.1 build 56.19 fixed the issue but he can't confirm it on their lab.

"If the initial request to the traffic management virtual server is an unauthenticated POST request, the NetScaler appliance configured for NetScaler AAA, disregards the post body"


Does anyone experience the same issue, applied the fix and it's addressed?

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