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XA6.5 Query db for user connections?

Kevin Dodge


Xenapp 6.5 farm, EdgeSight crapped out so was shutdown. Currently without Edgesight server running is there a way to query database to find user connections using powershell or SQL?


Is there a way to look up user connections via Netscaler?


We are in the process of setting up MAS but would like to look up some user connections prior to this setup. 

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You can use the below PS commands to get the list of connected users.


#List all sessions with status different than Listening or Connected

Get-XASession |Select SessionId, AccountName, ServerName, State |Where {$_.State -ne "Listening" -and $_.State -ne "Connected"}


#List all session with status Active or Disconnected

Get-XASession |Select SessionId, AccountName, ServerName, State |Where {$_.State -eq "Active" -or $_.State -eq "Disconnected"}


See if this helps...

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