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Xenserver 7.2 very slow windows VM (file copy)

Roel Niesen


This is my setup
- 1 server 2x 2620V4
- 64 GB ram
- 8 x 600GB sas 15K disks in raid 10 as local SR
- lsi 3108 with 2GB cache controller
- emulex lom wiht 2 x 10Gps nics
- 2 nics are in a bound lacp a-a ip-based
I installed 2 windows 10 cleints with xenserver tools.
I copie 30 GB of data in geust 1 and shared this.
I copied these files in guest 2 over the share.
The speed is a poor 45MBps.
This is very slow not?
The raid10 should have a speed around 600 MB/s.
And a network problem should not be there because we have 2 x 10Gbps.
I know already that the speed notification off the nics are harde coded to 1 gps.
How can I maximize the speed of these machines?





Roel Niesen


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VM to VM could be your worst case scenario as well. How does performance look when testing disk i/o to either local or remote storage? I haven't noticed anything odd with Emulex, firmware is all I could suggest for those. If you have two XenServers how does VM to VM across two XenServers perform ?



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I have somewhat the same problem, I get around 60MB/s and this is also with 10gbe and SSD disks (xenserver 7.1). This is the same performance as before I upgraded, and I expected a big increase in speed, but got nothing. I have tried everything, like changing the linux scheduler, disk passthrough, BIOS settings and changing the network buffer settings. Migration of disks are as slow, i.e. 40-60MB/s but memory migration runs at full speed, i.e. 800MB/s, it is so fast, that it takes only a few seconds for 4gb.


I wonder if anyone else is able to achieve higher transfer rates. Please post them here, and perhaps with settings/setup that makes it possible.

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On 12/4/2017 at 3:41 PM, Hans Blaasvaer said:

My setup has 4GB of dom0 memory and only 10gb links. I wish I could get 300MB/s and any help is appreciated.


Did you ever find resolution on this?  I have the identical problem.  All SSD Flash, dual 10GB Fiber NIC on redundant bridged network etc etc.  All the best.  JumboFrames are on etc.  Still cannot get better than 3MBps (25Mbps)

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