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Can anyone provide a Powershell example to create machine catalog with DaaS rest API?

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# Create New MC

function CreateMachineCatalog {

  param (


    [string] $customerid,


    [string] $siteid,


    [string] $bearerToken,

#    [Parameter(Mandatory=$true)]

#    [string] $adminCredential,


    [string] $body


  $requestUri = "https://api-eu.cloud.com/cvad/manage/MachineCatalogs"

  $headers = @{

    "Accept" = "application/json";


    "Authorization" = "CWSAuth Bearer=$bearerToken";

    "Citrix-CustomerId" = $customerid;

    "Citrix-InstanceId" = $siteid;

    # "X-AdminCredential" = "Basic $adminCredential";


 $response = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $requestUri -Method POST -Headers $headers -Body $body 

 return $response


$adminCredential = ""

$body = @"


  "MachineType": "Virtual",

  "Name": "MOBIZ-TEST-MC-001",

  "AllocationType": "Static",

  "IsRemotePC": false,

  "MinimumFunctionalLevel": "L7_9",

  "ProvisioningScheme": {

    "MasterImagePath": "image.folder/........",


  "PersistUserChanges": "Discard",

  "ProvisioningType": "MCS",

  "SessionSupport": "MultiSession"



$response = CreateMachineCatalog $Customer_id $SiteID $BearerToken $body

The response shows an error:Invoke-RestMethod : {"ErrorMessage":"The required parameter is not specified.rnParameter name: 


But I have MachineType parameter there as you can see above. Any help would be appreciated.

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