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Use Content Switching to filter and allow certain hostname on a Virtual service

Salman Butt

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I had create a Content Switching Virtual Service with a rule that only allows traffic to pass through if it matches a certain hostname.

I can easily accomplish this by using HTTP.REQ.HOSTNAME.EQ("google.com").

However this is not scalable and after adding a few FQDN to the list i get a "maximum limit error".

Would anyone know what will be therecommended way will be to accomplish this, filter a VIP and only allow certain group of hostnames to pass through.

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Thank you so much @Terry Hooper​ and @Helge Brust​ . That seems to have resolved my issue.

Didnt know this feature existed, the appending to expression did seem redundant.

For the community heres what it looks like on the CLI:

1. create pattern set

# add policy patset <pattern_name>

add policy patset pattern_svc

2. bind policy to pattern set

# bind policy patset <pattern_name> <hostname> -index <index_value> -charset ASCII

bind policy patset pattern_svc fedoramagazine.org -index 1 -charset ASCII

3. your content switching policy

# add cs policy <cs_policy> -rule "HTTP.REQ.HOSTNAME.EQUALS_ANY("<pattern_name>")" -action <action_name>

add cs policy cs_svc_pol -rule "HTTP.REQ.HOSTNAME.EQUALS_ANY("pattern_svc")" -action cs_svc_act

4. create a corresponding action

# add cs action <action_name> -targetLBVserver <target_lb_vserver>

add cs action cs_svc_act -targetLBVserver lb_svc_ssl


Also, if you have a file with the hostnames, here a quick and dirty script to generate the command, so you can run it on the CLI:


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