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NetScaler Virtual Connect Monthly Webinar-Americas | May 30


Isha Khurana

Event details

Monthly webinar series that will give you the latest and greatest information about NetScaler product, features and use cases


In this webinar, our NetScaler experts will cover:

  1. Bulk upgrade of Non A+ rated applications via Console Tasks
  2. What's new : Announcements on Training & Certification
  3. What's new in Cloud Native 
    • NetScaler for Microservices application delivery
  4. Support Assist : Best Practices for NetScaler ADC HA Configuration


@Priyanka Yadav

Product Manager



@Edeltraut Lanz-Rapier

Sr. Sales Enablement Manager



@Mayur Patil

Lead product manager


@Claire Chen

Lead Escalation Engineer


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