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  1. Really apologetic for the late reply, can you please confirm if you are still facing this issue? If yes, please email me (priyanka.yadav@cloud.com) the details or we can quickly connect on call to understand this issue. Please let me know whatever is convenient for you. Again sorry for the late reply!
  2. NetScaler ADM has “tasks” for you! Hey Admin, you have a task to act on immediately, that is – to explore the tasks feature on ADM! NetScaler ADM has been on a journey of continuous operational improvement, and its latest feature, ‘Tasks’, is set to redefine how administrators handle their responsibilities. What is ‘Tasks’? NetScaler ADM's Tasks feature is designed to provide administrators with a clear overview of critical issues and recommendations, ensuring the efficient management of their infrastructure. Here's a breakdown of what Tasks does. Centralized hub for all you ADM tasks: The Tasks feature in NetScaler ADM serves as a central hub for administrators to quickly identify critical issues, take immediate action, and receive proactive recommendations for optimizing the deployment. It ensures that administrators stay on top of potential security risks, application disruption, consistent configurations, compliance and continuously improve the efficiency and performance of their NetScaler infrastructure. Tasks are categorized into two sets: Actionable Tasks (Tasks): NetScaler ADM's Actionable Tasks ensures administrators can swiftly address pressing issues to uphold the health, security and compliance of their NetScaler instances. Actionable Tasks keep a vigilant eye on ongoing NetScaler issues, providing administrators with instant visibility into critical matters. Expired SSL Certificates: Provides information about expired SSL certificates. This Task provides you information about deleting unused certificates and updating expired certificates. Security Advisory: Immediate insights into NetScaler instances affected by any CVEs. Tasks gives information on the detected CVEs, impacted instances, and recommends remediation steps. Redirects to the Security Advisory page for taking the action. Expiring SSL Certificates: Monitors SSL certificates approaching expiration and helps you take actions. Config Drifts: Provides information about configuration deviations in NetScaler instances. Tasks identifies instances with unsaved configurations and template deviations. Streamlines actions to save configurations and run correct commands for alignment. Recommendations: Optimizing network performance and efficiency requires strategic guidance. Enter Recommendations – NetScaler ADM's proactive advisor, guiding administrators on best practices, utilizing their entitlement effectively and getting a quick view of features they can use in the ADM to manage the deployment efficiently to achieve an optimal deployment state. Guide Me Option: Tasks are not just about helping you with visibility; they are designed to be your allies, making your job smoother and more efficient. The ‘Guide Me’ workflow for recommendations handholds you to perform any task. You do not know how to assign an analytics license, no worries, Guide Me will take you step by step into performing that action. Get notified of any new Tasks - You can configure and get notifications whenever NetScaler ADM identifies any open tasks that require your immediate action.This makes sure you are not missing out on anything. Check out the capabilities of tasks here. In summary, NetScaler ADM's Tasks feature acts as a comprehensive solution for administrators, offering insights, actionable tasks, and proactive recommendations to ensure the optimal performance, security, and compliance of NetScaler instances and applications. Looks like you have a task to explore this new feature 😉
  3. NetScaler File Integrity Monitoring NetScalerⓇ has introduced a new feature within Application Delivery Management (ADM) Service called File Integrity Monitoring that will help you determine if changes have been made to your NetScaler build files. The challenge: Unapproved changes in your NetScaler build filesEven when you take all precautions to prevent unapproved changes to the core build files for NetScaler, subtle manipulation of these files can go unnoticed, allowing attackers to operate undetected. Compounding this problem is the sheer volume of files within NetScaler. Monitoring each of these files for changes manually is an enormous task, prone to error, and often insufficient for detecting subtle or rapid alterations. Even with existing security measures in place, the dynamic nature of cyber threats demands a more proactive approach to identifying unauthorized modifications to your NetScaler build files. NetScalerⓇ File Integrity Monitoring provides you with valuable insights that help you manage this risk. The response: NetScaler File Integrity MonitoringNetScaler File Integrity Monitoring proactively identifies any changes in the very core of your NetScaler ADCs — the build files. How it works: NetScaler File Integrity Monitoring examines the integrity of your NetScaler build files. Think of it as a digital fingerprint: NetScaler will compare the binary hash value of your current NetScaler build against the original binary hash linked to the same NetScaler build. Discrepancies in the NetScaler build files identified by this feature will be flagged for your attention. You can view the identified NetScaler ADCs and the list of files that were changed or added:
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