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High performance & secure ingress with NetScaler for OpenShift applications


Isha Khurana

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In this webinar, we discussed application delivery challenges faced by OpenShift platform admins and developers:

  • Why OpenShift is the right K8s platform for you

  • Using NetScaler for ingress traffic management with Red Hat OpenShift

  • NetScaler Red Hat OpenShift integration solution

    • Problem statement

    • Deployment topology

    • Live demo

    • Benefits of NetScaler and Red Hat integrations

    • Q&A

Cameron Skidmore
Global Partner Solutions Architect,
Red Hat
Komal Bharadwaj
Director, Product Management,
Mayur Patil
Lead ,Product Management,

Download the presentation below:

High Performance & Secure Ingress with NetScaler for OpenShift Applications.pdf

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