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  1. I'm getting closer at diagnosing the problem! I found this error: The certificate it is complaining about is dated January 2018! The problem seems to be that the upgrade installed a version of stunnel with TLS support that requires a more secure certificate, but it didn't generate a new certificate because the old one was already there. I'm going to try removing it and see if it will make a new one.
  2. I have the same symptom, but my issue is different: I just upgraded from Citrix Hypervisor 8.2 CU1 to XenServer 8 (downloaded from XenServer.com and burnt to a DVD). I also downloaded (from XenServer.com) XenCenter 2024.1.0. Like Michael, I can connect with SSH (using Putty from Windows), but I get "The connection was refused" from XenCenter. Running "netstat" on Windows shows that my connection to SSH (port 22) works, but XenCenter is trying to connect to port 443 (HTTPS). Running xe-toolstack-restart does not help. Running netstat -an on the XenServer shows that it is not listening on port 443. The other hypervisor (still running Citrix Hypervisor 8.2 CU1) is listening on port 443, so I assume XenCenter was always using port 443. The new server (XenServer 8) is not listening. Why? Further investigation shows that Citrix Hypervisor uses stunnel to listen port 443 and tunnel to port 80 (which is probably the Xen API). XenServer 8 is running the process "stunnel -fd 7", but that isn't doing the same thing. What when wrong here?
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