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I'm trying to configure nFactor EPA Pre Auth scans on a NetScaler 13.0 device. The problem I'm facing is scanning for the version of Windows and Mac OS doesn't work. Whatever I add in the version field it fails on every attempt.

Mike Smithson

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CLIENT.OS(MacOS).VERSION == 10.15 will check if the MacOS version is equal to or greater than 10.15

You can check for particular Windows builds using CLIENT.REG('HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\ NT\\CurrentVersion_ReleaseId').VALUE == 1904

I don't know the ReleaseId for Windows 10 21H2 build 19044.2486 so you'll want to check the value in the registry, I used 1904 as an example.

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Many thanks Steve. We've implemented the reg key scan and thats working! We still have issues with our mac OS scans -using the latest EPA plugin. We've checked the ns.log file on the ADC, nothing in there. In addition there is no debug file getting in this location ~/Library/Application Support/Citrix/EPAPlugin/

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