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How2Get MacOS10 to launch ICA just like Windows does??

Suzanne Michelle


I "doctored" the default ICA / HTML file which is generated via Presentation manager and the server. I note it has a VB script, then a Javascript that defines / runs button, then links to clients, and runs my app within a window. All this is fine when done via Windows. If a user clicks on an ICA file link, poof, the app loads in a separate total frame, just like I want, and when it closes user sees original webpage ... or, if it was running the javascript verssion a message in a big box that says "Click to connect" ... all this is fine, as I say, in the WINDOWS world.

I want to do the same thing in the Mac world ... but ... what is happening is click on ICA file, it just opens this as a text file RATHER THAN running the ICA file.

(and, yes, client was successfully installed on Mac, we created a client ICA file for it, and after fiddling with settings, e.g., putting in server's name, was perfectly able to click into desired application, and run it as expected ... it was THAT ICA file that I took and put on the server web page location (just as I did for the windows created ICA files), and put a link to THAT ICA file into a webpage. I then expected to be able to click that link (from a Mac with a Mac client installed) and run my app ... (if I click on a link with a Win PC, the app opens fine) ... but I just see the text of the ICA file)

So ... how do I get the Mac to launch the ICA file? Does it need a special extension? Special setting? Not clear to me.

Please help. TIA,

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Sadly, the Mac Client Admin Guide is not helpful, so far for what I want to do. Let me try to be more specific.

-- I have a web page on a web server.
-- Web page has an HREF link to an ICA WINDOWS client file sitting on web server (in same folder as web page, this is real simple).
-- User clicks the link.
-- If user has Win ICA client or plug-in installed, Window opens up with Terminal Service type login to server. User fills this in, presses enter, whoosh, taken right in to application (this published app passes the username into the app), all runs as expected, no problems.
-- If user DOES NOT have ICA client installed, user sees ICA file as a text file.

-- If I create a new line with an HREF link to the Macintosh-created version of the ICA file (which also is text-readable), and click on it from a WINDOWS PC ... with client it goes into app, w/o client it shows the text ... on a MACINTOSH (OS X), it always shows the text, it NEVER goes into the published app connection.

-- If we click on that SAME Mac-created ICA file from the Mac's desktop, it opens the Citrix client and makes the connection.

SO ... what am I missing??? How do I make the Mac open the Citrix client / connect to the published app? OR CAN'T I DO THIS??? Must EVERY Macintosh be individually configured? (first install client, then do connection steps to create a local ICA-type file?)

I didn't want to do the connection steps ... I figured Mac would work the way Windows does.

How do I make the Mac know that when it sees an ICA file, it should open the Citrix client, if it has one?

Thanks all for any help, insight.

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Thanks, Joe, for responding. I spoke with the person I am coordinating with (she's the Mac person, I'm the Windows person), and SHE said the following ...

Mac OS X version 10.4.11.
Browser - Firefox also Safari 3.1(4525.13)
Firefox does not automatically launch files after downloading

... does this help?

If there is a SAMPLE HTML page somewhere, that, if loaded on a Mac, WILL open an ICA file (or whatever it's supposed to be labeled in Mac world) ... I'd really appreciate seeing that, so I could learn / copy / adapt.

Thanks, Joe, anyone, for your time.

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