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My client and servers are within the AWS VPC and I don’t want to use Elastic IP but want to preserve my client ip (USIP mode enabled) . What type of High availability deployment should I use?

Harihara Sudhan

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Guest Farhan Ali

As mentioned in AWS HA PIP across zone . This is the most flexible HA topology that can be used across availability zone. This can be used in above mentioned scenario. Some of the good example i can think of are:-

  1. USIP as you mentioned
  2. Intranet IP with Gateway solution where IIP are limited and using this we can have unlimited IIP assigned to the Netscalers
  3. Using ipset we can have same LB VIP listening to EIP and PIP both
  4. You can use EIP and PIP solution together as well.

In this scenario. We can have client interface route pointed to primary and Snip interface route pointed to Primary and after failover they both will be moved and the setup will work seamlessly.

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