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Why should I use Netscaler backend autoscaling, when AWS provides inbuilt autoscaling solution with ALB?

Harihara Sudhan

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Guest Farhan Ali

Backend autoscaling with Netscaler is the best and most flexible and perfect solution while using Netscaler Autoscaling feature compare to AWS autoscaling with ALB

  1. Netscaler is supporting all the TCP/UDP and other major protocols, so whatever is your application that can be used by it
  2. Netscaler provide multi port supports that means same Autoscale group can be used by multiple Load balancer VIPs and that too on different ports ( for e.g having exchange servers or other backends which work on multiple ports like http and ssl together or like that) . These servers can be integrated with Netscaler and load balanced easily
  3. Netscaler provide a feature called graceful connection draining. Here user decide when to terminate the backend server in the autoscale group. Lets say you have 100 users connected to server 1 and 10 users on Server 2. Now when scaleIn will happen then server 2 will be deleted and those 10 users will loose the data they were working on and will abruptly terminate the session. But with Netsclaer, one has control on when to delete the server , you can decide like i want server to be deleted after 5 min so that all my user session are finished and hence help in maintaining sessions of user before termination
  4. Netscaler provide multiple ways of load balancing from src/dest, persistence, hash, round robin, custom method by which you can define how you want to load balance your traffic on the autoscale group
  5. Netscaler gives you all the control of load balancer, i.e you can configure certificates or your wish, you can modify your request like change the http headers, the data of the request, redirect the traffic on certain condition using Rewrite/Responder , provide lot of control which you can check on Netscaler load balancer features
  6. The best thing Netscaler provide is user define authentication, you can create your own authentication server like ldap, radius, saml or nfactor authentication and so on and provide the best class authentication which you will own completely
  7. Provide better security using Firewall and Ddos attach features
  8. Grow as per license, you can progress by using different features of Netscaler and can take full control

Overall, Netscaler provide the user the best control over how one want to load balance the traffic and control his load balancer on his own way which no one else can give

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