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We state: "For the high availability setup to work effectively, associate a dedicated NAT device to management Interface or associate EIP to NSIP." Which would be the best practice? Is there a good reason to use the NAT Gateway over EIP?

Harihara Sudhan

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Guest Farhan Ali

The minimum requiremnet of Netscaler on aws to work in High availablity is that it should be able to talk to AWS metadata and api servers so that it can fetch the required information needed during a failover.

* The default behavior we suggest is having a EIP assigned to NSIP which can talk to the AWS meta/api servers as we need return traffic as well

* The second suggestion is using a Nat gateway and putting NSIP behind them, the good part of using such deployment is when you want to restrict the usage of EIP, for e.g with NatGw you don't need the EIP in primary and secondary and hence saving the EIP, also it's good in such scenario where the Netscalers need to talk to internet or backend server need to talk to internet via Netscaler

* The third type could by using VPC endpoint as well

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