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What are the limitations in downgrading an ADC from higher release to a lower release? For example, can we downgrade from 13.1 Netscaler to 13.0 ?

Harihara Sudhan

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Guest Farhan Ali

While downgrading its of no issue but the main thing that has to be checked is instance type. For e.g m4.xlarge of 13.1 can be downgraded to 13.0 or 12.1 but a m5.xlarge instance can't be downgraded to 12.1 or below. The reason is 13.0/13.1 and above builds supports KVM and Xen based instances and m5, c5 are kvm based but 12.1 and below support xen based only due to which KVM based instance can't be downgraded to 12.1 and below. But xen based can be downgraded

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