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Phantom Citrix MCS VDA entries, need to be removed

Chris Gundry

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Apologies because I already know this is not the place for it, but for some unknown reason Citrix support have asked me to post this here. Can someone please just comment to confirm that this is indeed nothing to do with this forums purpose and cannot be addressed by anyone here so I can take that back to Citrix support!

We use Citrix MCS to create and delete VDAs. During that process MCS has somehow partially failed and has left several phantom VDAs in the Citrix SQL DB. These phantom entries are preventing us from adding more VDAs and also being shown as 'in use' when they don't physically exist in vCenter or in AD. We have requested that Citrix support us in resolving this issue, which was created by Citrix MCS, but they are saying they are unable to do so. They have told us to get MS to write a script to delete the entries, which MS of course say they cannot do, Citrix would need to. Then they advised us to post here, despite my mano objections.

As I say, I know this is not the right place, but if someone can confirm that, then I can go back to Citrix 'support' and confirm.

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