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How to convert MaxMind GeoLite2 database format to Citrix ADC database format?

Nagaraj Harikar 2
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  1. Download the GeoLite2 City or GeoLite2 Country database in .csv format from https://dev.maxmind.com/geoip/geoip2/geolite2/.
  2. Copy the file in a Citrix ADC directory (say /var). Unzip the file using the following shell command, which would create a directory with the same name.
  3. tar -xf <filename>
  4. Download the script Convert_GeoIPDB_To_Netscaler_Format.pl from https://github.com/citrix/MaxMind-GeoIP-Database-Conversion-Citrix-ADC-Format and copy it to the directory created in step #2.
  5. To check the acceptable options for the script execution, run the following command:
  6. perl Convert_GeoIPDB_To_Netscaler_Format.pl –help
  7. Various options available are:
  • <filename>
    •  IPv4 output file. Default output file name: Netscaler_Maxmind_GeoIP_DB_IPv4.csv
  • -p <filename>
    •  IPv6 output file. Default output file name: Netscaler_Maxmind_GeoIP_DB_IPv6.csv
  • -logfile <filename>
    •  File containing list of events/messages
  • -debug
    •  Prints all the messages to STDOUT
  1. Run the following command to convert the GeoLite2 database format to Citrix ADC database format.
  2. perl Convert_GeoIPDB_To_Netscaler_Format.pl


perl Convert_GeoIPDB_To_Netscaler_Format.pl -b GeoLite2-Country-Blocks-IPv4.csv -i GeoLite2-Country-Blocks-IPv6.csv -l GeoLite2-Country-Locations-en.csv

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