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Can i choose a specific session policy or protocol (VPN or ICA) based on result of EPA scan?

Cormac Long

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Currently i have a post epa check for a registry key configured in a session policy bound to Citrix Gateway. If this fails then VPN access is denied and user falls back to ICA (Storefront). This functionality broke when upgrading from 12.1 t o 13.0. I have a case open with CItrix support but I have been looking at migrating this to an epa check built into nfactor flow however i cant figure out how i can get it to perform the fallback part from VPN to ICA (storefront).

Anybody ever done something similar or know if it is possible?

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Hello Cormac,

For epa failure construct an epa policy same as pass, but add a ! in front of it. This will help to still continue with you authentciation flow and then you can use these failure/success groups in your sessisonaction or any policy you want and proceed.

Something as follows:-

add authentication epaAction epaact1 -csecexpr "sys.client_expr("proc_0_notepad")" -defaultEPAGroup EPA_PASS

add authentication epaAction epaact2 -csecexpr "!sys.client_expr("proc_0_notepad")" -defaultEPAGroup EPA_FAIL

then use EPA_FAIL group as your check for your sessionpolicy if needed(expression below) as follows:- "AAA.USER.IS_MEMBER_OF("EPA_FAIL")"


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