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On SDX can the VPX be on a higher firmware than the SDX?

Cormac Long
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Typically, you would have the SVM and appliance running the latest build and then have the instances running whatever suits.

Having the appliance running older than an instance might have problems, as provisioning is done from the SVM.

I also looked for a reference to back this up but didn't see one.

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Hi Cormac

On sdx starting from 11.1 you can have different version of firmware, usually the VPX are more update that the SDX firmware. For a while we had SDX 15120 ( fimware 13.0 build 58.30) with VPX instance based on firmware 12.1.xx.


  • Any combinations of SDX image version and VPX image versions are supported as long as they meet minimum version requirements for a particular hardware platform.

@Andrew The 12.1 firmware is 64-bit OS starting from  12.1 Build 48.1. Check the last version name build-12.1-65.25_nc_64.tgz

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