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Citrix Cloud Monitor oData v4 API returns .local address in nextLink field

Bradley Sadd
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The issue im having is that the monitor api (https://api-eu.cloud.com/monitorodata) returns a nextlink value that appears to be a Citrix internal network address.

e.g. http://f62780-38-2.prodcp5eu.local/Citrix/Monitor/odata/v4/data/Users?$skip=100

I can replicate the issue with the below python script.


import requests

web = requests.Session()

baseurl = "https://api-eu.cloud.com"

__token = 'xyz'

__customer_id = 'zyx'

web.headers = {

    "Authorization": "CwsAuth Bearer=" + __token,

    "Citrix-CustomerId": __customer_id


r = web.get( baseurl + "/monitorodata/Users")


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