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Ecrypted passwords in an ICA Client

Waruna Kirimetiyawa


Hi All,

I am using CSG 1.1 in Relay mode to serve up applications to users.

I would like to know how I can present the logon credentials in an Custom ICA file.

I have succeeded in presenting clear-text passwords but I would prefer to present the encrypted format.

password="encrypted password"

Appreciate your help.

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I found the following workaround:

The password, if used, must be encrypted. To enter an encrypted password into the ICA file, use the Citrix ICA Client Remote Application Manager New Entry Wizard to create a remote application entry. When you are prompted for the username and password, enter the password that you want to use in the ICA file. Finish the New Entry wizard. Open the file APPSRV.INI in the Windows directory and locate the entry you just created. Copy the password value and paste it into your ICA file.

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Hi Waruna, Where is the ICA Client Remote Application Manager New Entry Wizard? I am running Metaframe XP FR3 SP4 and the client verion is 8.0 and above. I can't for the life of me find this wizard. Is it a component that i may have not installed when configuring the server? Please HELP :). Nelson

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