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/dev/sda mount is missing

Ashok P




I am facing the following issue after a system reboot to power issue,

I am using XenServer 7.6, which is not showing the SR in Xenceter.

using lsblk -f cmd I am able to see the SDA list and I don't see any output for pvdisplay or lvdisplay.

So I thought that vg is corrupted so tried to recover using "vgcfgrestore vol_grp --test -f /etc/lvm/backup/VG_XenStorage-c5645c0f-5a11-3ab1-e220-abd18a01aab0" getting TEST MODE: Metadata will NOT be updated and volumes will not be (de)activated.
  Couldn't find device with uuid 1m783S-mATE-T3TF-Pug8-jaNS-e3v3-9DHlmc.
  '/etc/lvm/backup/VG_XenStorage-c5645c0f-5a11-3ab1-e220-abd18a01aab0' does not contain volume group 'vol_grp'.
  Restore failed. error.


If anyone has an idea on this error please let me know.

Thanks in advance.





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Somehow we have recreated SR and can see the disks under SR--Disks. However, I am unable to see the VM's or VM list.

strangely I am not even able to see the default templates on the server when I go to create new VM.

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