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Poor microphone redirection via Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection

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Hi Everyone,

I work as an IT consultant for multiple customers.

In order to work as Mobile as possible (and travel only with my phone) I have setup a PC at Home (aka REMOTE PC) running Microsoft Windows 11 Pro.

I connect to this PC using my Phone (aka CLIENT) running Android operating system with Samsung DEX and the application Remote Desktop Connection from Microsoft.
Once Connected on the REMOTE PC via my CLIENT I start start the application CITRIX Workspace to connect to a virtual machine hosted by my customer / employer.

Everything works very smoothly except the microphone redirection tothe citrix session.

I can hear my voice in the citrix session (for example using MS Teams) but it is unclear / metallic.

The same is true for both of my customers virtual machines I access via citrix.

Am I missing any settings on citrix workspace app or on my remote PC running the citriy workspace app to improve the quality of the sound?
Or is this a setting on my customers side?

I tested the microphone:

On my phone / CLIENT => OK
On my REMOTE DESKTOP via my phone => OK ( I can record my voice or even use MS Teams on my remote Desktop)

But once I connect to a virtual machine via citrix workspace app it stops working correctly.

Anyone out there who tried and solved this issue? 





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