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Disable Antivirus to run on clients XenApp

Ram Had


We are not experts with citrix. so the technical terms will be basic.

we Have a Xenapp Server 7.14 with an antivirus on it, sharing One app (let's say Notepad)  to 50 users  (using workspace).

we need to disable the antivirus that is opening from the Xenapp Server to all clients when they open a session of Notepad.

all our users already have a local antivirus on their computers.

The antivirus running in the Virtual App for all users, is really slowing down the Citrix Xenapp server, and the users are not able to use the Virtual App because it is becoming very slow.

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we need the antivirus on the VDA (Xenapp Server Machine), but we don't want it to open when users open the App session on the client.

it is taking a lot of resources from the server, since each session is opening the antivirus also. 

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