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Citrix applications give "Unable to Start" error

Joe K


Users are reporting an error on a daily basis where the system says
"Unable to Start". 
"The resource is unavailable currently. Try again later."
"If the problem persists, contact your admin with the Transaction ID"
The work around is to try to end their Citrix session. Sometimes we go into Task Manager and end tasks. We can work around it, but it would be better to find a solution so we don't waste IT time and waste a user's time to reset.
This issue has been occurring more frequently recently. I did find possible solutions online, but I don't know if any of these are the correct ones. I've also reached out to Callum at Kerv to see if he's familiar with the issue. I'm not sure if changing the idle time recently to kick users out and free up licenses has caused this issue to occur more frequently.
Possible solutions:
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Hi Joe, 

There are several things that could be causing this. My first recommendation would be to double check and ensure that the VDAs you're trying access are registered in Studio. You can find this information in the Machine Catalogs section of Studio. 

Additionally, if you power manage machines and scale them throughout the day there may not be enough machines available at the times your users are trying to access. I would review your Autoscale settings and ensure you have enough machines available.

I would also review event logs for further clues on the VDAs, StoreFront, and Delivery Controller. Event logs can help narrow down what is causing the problem.


Hope this helps.

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