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Maximum characters in GeoLocation Drop Policy reached.

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Hi folks,

I have a problem with a GeoLocation Drop Policy:

I would like to add some countries to a DROP policy as an exception. 
Normally this is no problem, I write the countries with .NOT in the policy and these are then not dropped. 

For example:


However, I now have to create a policy with about 30 countries that should be allowed. And here is the problem of exceeding the maximum number of characters in a policy.

With a DROP policy, understandably, no NEXT works so that I can add another one underneath. 

How could I still add the countries to the selection? 

Does anyone have any ideas? 

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You can use the AppExpert expression LOCATION.GET(1) to compare just the the County Code against a list of countries.  Since country codes are only two characters, Regex would be a decent way to get your list of 30 into a single expression:



A Pattern Set makes large groups of conditions more organized, easier to read, and easier to update.   This is the optimal solution, particularly when using longer Geo names or frequently making adds/moves/changes to the list, and particularly useful for delegating management of the list.  

add policy patset countrylist
bind policy patset countrylist US 
bind policy patset countrylist CA
bind policy patset countrylist GB

add responder policy DROP_non_Test_CUSTOMER "CLIENT.IP.SRC.LOCATION.GET(1).SET_TEXT_MODE(ignorecase).EQUALS_ANY("countrylist").NOT" DROP


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