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Regex to find last part of string

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In user attribute AAA.USER.ATTRIBUTE(7) I have a string value "word1 word2 word3 word4", and I need a way to return only the last word
Using the expression AAA.USER.ATTRIBUTE(7).AFTER_REGEX(re/\s/)  i get everything after the first blank space, i.e. "word2 word3 word4"

I've tried both ChatGPT and Copilot, both suggest AAA.USER.ATTRIBUTE(7).AFTER_REGEX(re/s(\w+)$/) - but that returns a NULL value.

I've tried different regex versions att regex101, but just can't find one that fits Netscaler.

Anyone out there who might be able to help me?

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Instead of Regex, use inbuilt AppExpert expressions for this use case.  In your example, we can use the space character (' ') as the separator for a list of words.  Then we can choose the first or last word from the list.

Here is your AppExpert expression:



I used the NetScaler Expression Evaluator to make sure it returns the desired result:


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