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Windows Printing using GSLB

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Hi all, there might be a need for printing HA in our environment, and the thought is to have this setup using GSLB configuration. Wanted to post on the community to see if this has been achieved by anyone or what issues has some of you experienced, we want to see if this is a possible avenue for this project. Any thoughts or recommendations?


Thank you


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Hi Maxim,

Can you help provide more details on the usecase, also share the deployment topology.  

  • Current Issues: Are you experiencing any specific problems currently?
  • High Availability Goals: In the event of a server failure, how quickly do you need printing to resume operations?
  • Preferences: Is session persistence a critical factor?
  • Number of Print Servers: Currently, how many print servers do you have in your environment?
  • Server Distribution: Do these servers reside in separate data centers, or are they all located centrally? Does each server represent a datacenter? 
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