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Published App going to disconnect after closing app instead of logoff.


Hello together,

after a time of head crashing :-D . I think it's a good way to ask here a question.

Situation: Windows 2016 Server with installed VDA 2212 or newer 2311, dont log off immediately after the published app was closed.  The session goes in disconected and remain in this state for about 80 secounds, after that it log's off. 



If checked the logoffsysmodules key in the registry also, but any app are in there. If taken a screenshot of the remaining processes there are open. I dont't think that any from this are must entered in the logoffsysmodules key.
When you shutdown the "Citrix Graphics Engine" the session logoff immediately. 

Older Servers with installed VDA's with 7.15  working well. Did anyone had a hint or the same problem.? Locally installed on my client is a Citrix Workspace Client in Version 2311. But I tried on other machines too, with other Users
same "problem".  When you start the published App again in the 80 secound than you getting a new session on the same host, but not the disconnected. This problem drives me crazy. 

Same Problem excists on our new Citrix DaaS environment, and on the onPrem old 7.15 Farm.


Thank you for reading my question and I'm looking forward that anyone have a solution for me.


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