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Change functional level to older VDA version?



A few weeks ago I upgraded many of our catalogs to use the 2311 VDA.   Since then, it's become apparent that the 2311 VDA is causing issues on multi-user catalogs (getting stuck on the Welcome screen when reconnecting - which I know was an issue in 2303 VDA, but was apparently fixed - seems not) but I'm unable to simply reinstall the older VDA (2203 CU4) as the catalog is now set to require 2206 or newer.

When you first upgrade a catalog, there's a menu option to change the functional level back.  However, that seems to disappear after a while.   Is it possible to simply change it back using the Powershell SDK, or will that break things?  My only other option is to build a new catalog with new VMs (they are MCS, so not hard in itself) but that will get the Operations team upset because the server names will all change.

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Jeff, thanks for that.   Mission accomplished late last night during a scheduled outage.

There's a bit of a 'gotcha' though, when running the 'get-brokercatalog' command to see what it's set to currently, I found that machine catalogs set to '2206 or later' show up the same in Powershell as catalogs set to '2106 or later'.   Both are listed as 'L7_25'.  I set one of them back to the next lowest level, which is L7_20, and then it showed up in the DaaS console as '1811' for minimum functional level.  But, once set to that, I could use the console to choose 2106 which is what I wanted.  So, all good in the end.  Just a bit confusing when you're looking at the list of MC names and functional levels, and they show up the same despite being different in the console.

Hopefully that tidbit of info might be useful in future, if someone comes looking for the same info!

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