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Not possibe tp Add Machine to Catalog after upgrade to 2311



We recently upgraded a VDA infrastructure to version 2311.

Before this upgrade, we had created a Machine Catalog from Citrix Studio with the option "Citrix Provisioning"

I read that in version 2311, this option is not available anymore in Citrix Studio and effectively, we saw that this option has disappeared after the upgrade

However, we also see that it is not possible anymore to add machines to the existing catalog that we created before the upgrade and with the option "Citrix Provisioning"

Do we have to create a new catalog, delete the machines from the first one and re-add the machines to this new catalog ? Is that the only solution ?

Thanks in advance

Oliver Patiny

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Yes, if the machines are non-persistent just make a new catalog, swing that into your delivery group.  Then put the old machines in maintenance mode and once they are drained, remove the machines from the delivery group, shut them down, and then delete the machine catalog.  

I just did this yesterday for a customer that had moved machines to new storage and then could no longer update to newer images.

If you are using PVS then you can use the Citrix Virtual Desktop creation tool on the farm.  

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