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Unable to lauch Applications since 2203 VDA CU4 (timout expired)




Since we use VDA 2203 CU4 and VDA CU4 update1 the time to launch an application is becoming longer. So long that sometimes the application is not launching because of a timeout.

As a workaround we changed the timeout to 120000 ms, but this is not a solution.

Value Name: ApplicationLaunchWaitTimeoutMS
Data (decimal): <required additional time-out, in milliseconds>  (Example 60seconds=60000milliseconds)


Published Application Fails to Appear (citrix.com)


Any idea ?





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It's not clear what the main cause is.

When I use a CU4 VDA without SentinelOne, the login time is better. Please note that all the exceptions to be defined for the antivirus are applied.
When I deploy a new master image with SentinelOne, but a version of the OS Layer without the Windows 2024 updates (01-2024 OR 2024-02 or 2024-03), then the login times seem ok.
When I deploy a new master with VDA CU3 and SentinelOne and the updated OS Layer version, login times are better, in the sense that the 60000ms time limit is never exceeded.

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