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Citrix Smartcard Single Sign On Broken

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I'm trying to use Health Smartcard on my Citrix Lab. The smartcard I'm using come from another certificate authoritie, different from my domain's PKI.

I applied the settings to set this authoritie on my domain, bind on my test user account the certificate field on the Subjet Alternative Name of my Username.

I'm now able to open a Windows Session on my domain entering the smartcard pin code. When I launch my Citrix Workspace, it seems that the Workspace is passing through my pin code to the storefront because I'm authenticated and I can see my apps.

When I click on my published desktop, I obtain an error with bad username or password and I can see that the login entered is my domain\username account....Like the Citrix Workspace passed my PIN code but the VDA was waiting for my domain password....

My question is do I have to configure Citrix FAS to make it work ?

I don't know where is my configuration problem...

I hope you'll understand my qestion ! 

Thank you for your help !


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