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Teams 2.1 - anyone been successful yet?



We are really struggling to get the New Teams client to work on our estate.  The deadline for moving over isn't really all that far away now but there is all kinds of stupid stuff broken with it still - 2019 Server doesn't work with FSLogix; we're fighting an issue where it doesn't get provisioned fully for new users on Win10; and if we take out Teams Classic then the Teams Add-in for Outlook doesn't work.  If you're an existing user with Teams Classic in your profile, then it doesn't always load and start.

I've been doing this stuff for almost 20 years and I've never seen such an badly thought through, broken piece of junk being forced onto people by it's vendor.  Honestly, I've seen alpha software from one-man-band companies that is way more reliable than this.  There's virtually no documentation from Citrix, Microsoft's exists but changes almost every day(but doesn't highlight what's new, and contains links to documentation for Teams Classic - useless), and even when you follow it to the letter, it flat-out doesn't work or contains mistakes like telling you to run 'msiexec.exe' with the /allusers switch on a single-OS machine.

Or is it just me?  Can someone with a big non-persistent estate tell me that it's all working fine for them?  I need some light at the end of the tunnel...

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