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What the hell happened to the discussions forum :-(

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anyone else got shocked by the sudden switchover to the "new look" discussions site?

looks like my account ranking also got reset to Newbie...

What the hell...


Ken Z

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17 hours ago, Paul Fulbright1709158471 said:

You think that is bad, try searching google and see what happened to EVERY single search result that links to a discussion...zero continuity for links, and best still exact post title searches yield no result on the built in search.

Way to screw over your admins...I cannot wait to finish moving to AVD.

I can live with a new look and feel, but this is a big no no, way to drop the ball 😕

@ken looks like your ranking was fixed at least :p

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Google links are working again now.  I bitched at Citrix on LinkedIn right under their post announcing the new changes to Discussions, and somewhat to my surprise, they replied quite quickly and said that'd fixed it.

Definitely a lot more links through from Google working now than earlier today...

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