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Citrix PVS KMS Questions




Our VDIs all had the same CMID which I fixed by following the instructions in Citrix article CTX128276: Configuring KMS Licensing for Windows and Office (citrix.com)

After this, all VDIs had a unique CMID but the ID now changes on each reboot. Is this to be expected?


When we update our image, we create a copy of the latest vDisk, apply any updates, and boot the target devices.

I set licensing to KMS for the vDisk but the VDIs go back to having duplicate IDs. 

Would this copy/paste method require us to rearm each time we create a new disk?



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PVS KMS handling, when applied and configured as required, will result in unique and different CMID each time a target boots. That is expected.
KMS rearm each time the vdisk is opened is not required (with the very very occasional exception).

The CTX covers different scenarios, however it can be overly verbose and can lead to required steps being missed.
Below is a catch all set of steps which will set KMS handling up correctly, regardless of the scenario.

Shutdown targets and began process:



1.       Edit vdisk properties; uncheck/disable KMS option, change access mode to “Private Image”

2.       Boot the vdisk in private mode, install/configure office products as required:

-Ensure KMS host configuration works as expected and windows/office can activate successfully

-Ensure both Windows and Office work as expected, through reboots in private

3.       Reboot the vdisk in private mode, verify no office applications are running

-Rearm office  (ospprearm.exe command)

-Rearm windows ( slmgr /rearm command)

-Shutdown immediately

4.       Edit vdisk properties; check/enable KMS option, change access mode to “Standard Image”

5.       Stream vdisk to multiple targets, verify CMID is unique for windows/office after activation

6.       Create a vdisk version and modify in maintenance mode as required

-Ensure KMS host configuration works as expected and windows/office activates successfully

--(KMS products determine with their own logic when to activate, to expedite, issue command: Windows - Slmgr /ato, office cscript ospp.vbs /act)

7.       Promote vdisk version to production (promotion to “test” is not valid for testing PVS KMS handling)

8.       Stream vdisk version to multiple targets, verify CMID is unique for windows/office after activation

After that it KMS handling should not need further attention, vdisk can be opened in read write mode and updated, or new versions created etc.

Probably good to note though, in general PVS KMS handling is only required in very small environments.
Small environments where PVS targets are the only windows install of that type contributing to CMID count on the KMS host.
Most customers have sufficient contribution of CMIDs from non PVS machines that PVS KMS handling is not needed.


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