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How to Configure Cloud Connector for Citrix HDX Plus for Windows 365 with Hybrid Azure AD Join Cloud PC



I beleve that cloud connector is required to configure HDX Plus for Windows 365 with HAADJ.

So I have some questions.

  1. Do I need to manually configure the "Resource Location" and "Add Connection and Resources" for Azure from Citrix Admin Portal?
  2. I believe VDA 2203 LTSR is automatically installed by Microsoft Intune, but in the case of HAADJ, VDA 2212 or later is required.
    Do I need to manually install VDA 2212 on the Master VM?
  3. If I need to manually install  VDA on the Master VM, can I sysprep the Master VM?
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1. You need to register the CC to a Resource Location but no need to add anything in the DaaS service for hosting etc - You can use the appliances for this use case.

2. You can install the current release VDA in your base image, or you can upgrade the provisioned VDA after the install if Citrix is deploying it.

3. You can prep the VM per Win 365 requirements, there is no form of traditional MCS style provisioning at play, so the standard MS generalisation process should be followed.

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@James Kindon
Thank you for your assistance. And I have an additional question.


I understand that I only need to register the CC to the Resource Location, but I am already using the Cloud Connector and FAS for CitrixDaaS (not for W365).
And registered CC and FAS to Resource Location.

Is it possible to use the CC and FAS and Resource Location that I am currently using for W365?
I prefer to avoid creating a new CC and FAS.

Please note that I am using AzureAD for the IdP, and I plan to use AzureAD for W365 as well.


This is the envisioned image:


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