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Programs collect on one screen when pulling Citrix Desktop to new computer

Cody Mudrack


The admin and front desk people at our work frequently have to switch computers for various reasons (covering for lunch, etc...). To do this, the admin will disconnect from their workstation and log in to another. Or (more often) they'll just lock their computer and log into the other, thus pulling their session to the current workstation. We use Citrix Desktops, so this works fairly well except that when they do this, all their programs are on one screen when they pull their session to the new computer. 


We use three monitors at our work, all with the same resolution. The users are free to orient the monitors any way they wish (horizontal or vertical and in any arrangement).


The reason I'm saying this is an issue is because during tax season (as it is now) the front desk is always slammed, and the admin need to be able to switch computers with as little friction as possible. Has anyone found a setting or someway to make it so the programs don't all collect on one screen and they don't have to move them all around to other screens everytime?


Thanks for any insight.

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