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Citrix Profile container 2311 slow logon with many files

Christian Rimkus




We would currently like to switch from the classic UPM to the complete Citrix profile container.

To do this, we have simply entered a * in the profile container GPO.
The complete profile is now contained in the container. We have also activated exclusive access. So there are no RW/RO disks.

During debugging, we also activated the Onedrive container.


We have extremely long loading times (30 to 300 seconds) - we are now at the following stage:


The Onedrive container has no influence on the login time. No matter how many files or how large the files are that are contained there.
Large files in the profile container have no influence on the login time.


The more files in the profile container, the slower the login.

In the process monitor, we can see that every single file is touched (see pic)


Does anyone know this problem and maybe have a solution?


We already ruled out the AV and the "grand access to container" GPO.


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I have a very similar issue (no issue with big files, but with lot of small files, the CPU during the logon spikes for several minutes).

I'm using Fslogix (2210 hotfix 1), not UPM. I will try to update it to 2210 hotfix 3.

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