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Cannot Start Application on new deployment



here is my setup

1st Citrix farm running behind NetScaler's and all seem to be okay and users are able to logon with out any issue.

I'm setting up a new farm which will be used to replace the old one. this is currently accessible only through store frnt URL but will be moved to NetScaler once the setup is done.

occasionally, I'm getting test users reporting errors related to applications "Unable to start application XXX"


as a workaround, I have setup a dummy user which I use it to logon to the users that are having this issue. once successfully logged on, I ask the users with the issue to logon with their account and this issue is resolved. 


I'm looking to sort this one out as we are nearing a production of the new infra and I don't want to have the dozen people reporting this issue when we are in prod.

anyone have any ides?


so far:

I'm using the Dummy user to resolve this issue

I have deleted the Citrix Profile and still the same behavior.


Note that I have Windows 2012 R2 as the image on the old Citrix

I will be using 2019 on thew new deployment.


Thanks a bunch

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Good day,


I "m using UPM profiles on the new deployment, I've also created new folders for the new profiles and this config is distributed via GPO to all users using this new citrix farm.


Until now I haven't seen any odd issues the the event viewer but still investigating more


my deployment versions are version 7 Build 2203_200 

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So true, I was looking into a wrong location. I have seen errors and events and google pointed me to a KB where I have to run PS commands on the CDC for SSO.

the issue now disappeared and all users are like happy bunnies.


I can check the KB is needed and post back when found


Thanks for help community

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