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Session Recording Web Player 2311 trying to "load scripts from unauthenticated sources"




I'm testing Session Recording 2311 and using the web player, the recording is a just a black window. If i use the player application, it works fine. One thing I see in the (either Google or Edge) browser is the page trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources. If I allow the scripts to load in Edge, it attempts to play the file and a small wheel looks like its loading but the recording never plays.


The web player is using an internal certificate and the browser confirms its a secure session (until the unsafe scripts are loaded).

Any one any ideas on how to troubleshoot? 





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The resolution is on the Citrix Docs website:


Update the SsRecWebSocketServer.config configuration file.

Locate and open the SsRecWebSocketServer.config configuration file.

The SsRecWebSocketServer.config configuration file is typically located in the <Session Recording Server installation path>\Bin\ folder.

Enable TLS by editing TLSEnable=1 and ignore the ServerPort, SSLCert, and SSLKey fields.

Save your changes.

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