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Open ports to and from VDA (Source and Destination)



I´ve to check with this forum, so I´m really sure.

I have a multisession VDA, with only the vda installed on a Windows server 2019 and published it to multisession desktop.


No, Director, no MCS, no PVS. Only a VM in VMware.

Authentication is done by the Netscaler
2 Storefront servers


Is there any more or less ports that are requiered to be open on that VDA?

My informatino below with comments is based on this link from citrix:


Definition of my comment below

# = I  think I dont need this

Red colored text = my questions


License server

Any Citrix Component - Handles initial point of contact for license requests

-Citrix License Server TCP 27000


Access to applications and  virtual desktops

-ICA/HDX protocol 1494

Source and Destination?


Access to applications and  virtual desktops

EDT protocol requires 2598 to be open for TCP/UDP.
Source and Destination?


#I dont use html5 reciever

#-TCP 8008


Application/Desktop Request - communication with DDC

-TCP 80/8080/443, XML Service Destination: DDC

Source: VDA, Destination: DDC (Both directions)


#Authentication of user during application or desktop launch (Authentications is done by the Netscaler?)

#Domain Controller

#-TCP/UDP 389


Access to applications and virtual desktops by ICA/HDX over SSL

-TCP 443
Soruce:??    , Destination: ??


#Virtual  Delivery Agent Domain Controller

#Communication between Virtual Delivery Agent Agent and Microsoft Global Catalog used

#during the registration process in order to validate its list of configured

#-TCP 3268


#Citrix Workspace app, StoreFront - Communication with StoreFront

#TCP, UDP 80,443 (No citrix receiver installed on VDA)


Other ports

Fileshare for storage files and profiles



Really appreciate your answer with more or less ports with the source and destination


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