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Recommendations on rolling out a Hyper-V environment like Horizon View.

Darin McClain


We currently use AppLayering to push to a Horizon View environment with 12 hosts running about 850 VMs in linked clone pools.


What method would be best if we wanted to replace this using a Hyper-V environment? We would need features like a single connection broker & management, automated pool building, and be nice to have HA type features too.





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On 2/15/2024 at 7:55 AM, Sjoerd Van den Nieuwenhof said:



Are you planning to switch to Citrix?

It's not a simple question; you are looking at a complete redesign of your Horizon View environment, as Horizon View doesn't support Hyper-V. 


Sorry I haven't been able to reply! The forums have been down I think?

I loaded a quick Hyper-V VDI setup on a single physical server - windows server 2022. (no azure stuff) I was able to load a quick Win10 VM and make a pool in there, and get my current terminals to connect to it as a test. I'm not too impressed by the interface and some buggy behaviors though. I also can't publish images to Hyper-V from AppLayering, so i put a ticket in. My base OS image was obviously built in VMWare vCenter. I did remove the tools from a new OS layer version, did not include the VMWare Agent, and made a new Platform Layer for Hyper-V, but my images throw an error along the lines that multiple folders named windows exist on the disk when i try to make a pool from them. Waiting to hear back from support. Even tried to publish an image with no layers, no platform layer, just the OS layer, same result.


I might be interested in spinning up a Citrix environment too one day too.

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