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WEM and importing ADMX templates



I have a question about Citrix DaaS and the WEM service and importing ADMX templates for managing them from within WEM, ie for Office (M365) or any other related admx for google chrome, edge, adobe etc. Similarly if I use BIS-F, so my assumption is I could just import the BIS-F Admx template into WEM, set and forget?


When importing the zip admx/adml and it becomes available to WEM to configure settings....do I still need to import the same ADMX/ADML at the actual image/virtual desktop level too or not? Just want to make sure I understand that process correctly?


In my environment I do not have direct access to AD GPO's hence using WEM, and if it can be avoided don't want to add admx templates to the local GPO if it can be avoided.


Appreciate the feedback  

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Hi James, thank you for confirming!

That's good news that I only need to import and configure the admx's from the WEM front-end. I read your other Blog articles about WEM etc and so much good information hence why going with BIS-F as part of my sealing process. 

I'll keep the BIS-F Admx local -  the one exception and that works for me.

Appreciate the answer - credits coming your way ?

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You don't need to do anything with ADMX on the endpoint - they ADMX is the frontend for Admins to configure and play with, ultimately, policy settings are written as reg keys on end the endpoint.


I would not put your BIS-F config in via WEM, BIS-F will help with resetting the WEM cache, which in turn could remove your configurations - I am not sure how well that would pan out.


You could use BIS-F locally ADMX on the base image (I know you want to avoid that), or you could use BIS-F shared configuration instead.

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