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LVM disk doesn't increase in size (XenServer 8.1)


Good evening,

I have a problem with an LVM storage in XenServer 8.1. The storage is 99.9% full and I can no longer take snapshots etc. All snapshots have been deleted but without success. There should be enough disk space since the disk is 1 TB and the virtual server is only 320 GB together (150 and 170 GB).

I would really like (paid_ support for this as soon as possible as I can also create backups of the virtual servers.

Thanks for the reaction.

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XenServer 8.1 has been out of support for 4 years. If the LUN is close to full it is impossible for the background cleanup process to merge the data that has been unlocked by deleting the snapshots as this typically requires extra space during the merge process.

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